BBQ Swineapple Recipe today

This juicy pineapple weaved with bacon, full of pork and glazed with BBQ sauce shall blow your face. BBQ Swineapple Recipe Serve as  an appetizer, snack or enjoy for lunch. Place the swineapple in  the grill within  the drip pan with the bacon seam-side down. Cover the grill and cook until the bacon is crispy and golden brown as well as the meat is hot in the center, about 1 hour. Transfer to a board that is cutting. Eliminate the skewers and slice the pineapple into rings for serving

BBQ Swineapple Recipe

BBQ Swineapple Recipe

Find BBQ Swineapple Delicious Recipe

Complete Prep Time: 4 hrs. 20 minutes.

Ingredient List:

Pineapple (1 ripe)

Pork (2 lbs., prepared)

Bacon (1 lb.)

BBQ sauce of the selecting


1. Set your  smoker to preheat to 240 degrees F. Prepare your pineapple by cutting the most effective off and peeling down  skin off.

2. Set the top aside and scoop the core out with  an ice cream scoop to make  a well that is dense.

3. Use your cooked pork to stuff the pineapple that is recover that is hollowed  the pineapple.

4. Secure the top in place skewers that are using toothpicks then reserve.

5. Create an interlocking weaved mat with your bacon pieces then make use of it to completely wrap your pineapple.

6. Secure the edges with toothpicks brush generously with then BBQ sauce.

7. Set to smoke for about 4 hours (by in that case your bacon is crispy and good). Brush with some more BBQ serve and sauce.

Pork Stuffed Pineapple Wrapped With Bacon